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  • Women’s mental health

    There is immense stigma attached to mental health in our societies. How do we fight this stigma and seek help when we actually need it? Women are known for their

  • Healthy Nutrition for Kids’ Health

    As we all know that kids have lots of tantrums when they sit for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Children up to age 14 years remain in the growing phase of

  • When to Call Your Gynecologist?

    Among all the people who should be there in your speed dial list, your gynecologist is one of them. There are several reasons for which you need to visit a

  • How to Avoid Gaining Excess Weight during Pregnancy

    How to Avoid Gaining Excess Weight during Pregnancy

    Every woman feels on cloud nine once she becomes pregnant. Gaining weight during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon; however, excess weight gain is not advisable owing to some pregnancy related


    Nosebleeds are often annoying for the people who have them regularly. They may occur due to trauma, infection, drying and due to the usage of nasal sprays and anticoagulants. Whatever

  • Lactose intolerance | Continental Hospitals| Hyderabad

    Is Your Child Lactose Intolerant?

    Milk including breast milk contains lactose – a sugar, in addition to proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Lactose is present in milk products as well. Lactose needs lactase enzyme (produced in

Let Food be the Medicine & Medicine be the Food

How to Achieve a Balanced Nutrition ? A balanced diet is low in unnecessary fats and sugars, but high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. The following food groups are [...]

1.What is chickenpox? Chickenpox is a very infectious illness caused by a virus called herpes zoster. Most people  get chickenpox in childhood, when it is a mild infection causing a [...]

Are You Aware of Kidney Disease in Children?

Children are affected by kidney diseases in several ways that range from treatable disorders to life threatening diseases. Majority of kidney diseases in bounce house slide children are due to [...]

Q1. It has been found that stress related disorders are increasing in India? What is stress-related disorder and how does it affect the mental health and also social and professional [...]

With increasing awareness about breast cancer women might be falling prey to myths regarding breast cancer. The following information debunks the myths and highlights the facts regarding breast cancer – [...]

Shoulder is a sensitive joint; pain in the shoulder can be very disabling as simple activities like eating, wearing clothes and having a bath become restricted. Shoulder pain with weakness [...]