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5 Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

5 Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Are you suffering from chronic hip pain for quite some time now? Or does your pelvic area pain each time when you lift heavy weights? Well, if you identify your case with any of these two situations, then you are undoubtedly suffering from chronic pelvic pain. Knowing the prime cause of such pains is the first step towards achieving effective treatment. Whether it is low-bone-density, avascular necrosis or a severe accident, only a proper diagnosis can help find out the prime cause of your hip pain. Whatever may be the reason for your hip pain, let us understand some of the most common causes of chronic hip pain in women.

1. Arthritis

Hip Pain in Women

Although severe hip pain depends on the age, activity levels and bone structure of women, there is a common cause plaguing most of the women, which is arthritis. With advancing age, almost every woman falls prey to arthritis, and even to osteoporosis. The aging process and sedentary life fuel the wear-and-tear of the ball-and-socket joints. Due to arthritis, severe swelling in the joint leads to chronic pain in the pelvic area. Most often, women feel arthritic pains in and around the groin area or the front thighs.

2. Bursitis and tendinitis

Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Several tendons connect the hip joint and muscles. Regular participation in strenuous activities or indulgence in rigorous workout regimes can cause inflammation in these tendons. And when this happens, you may have tendinitis.

Athletes are often plagued by the iliotibial band syndrome, which is one of the potential reasons for hip joint pains in women. Apart from this, bursitis is a condition that causes unbearable pain with sudden hip movements.

3. Hip fractures

Hip pain

Another common and significant hip pain cause in women is hip fracture. Owing to low calcium levels and reduced bone density, hip fractures are common problems in older women. Hip fracture symptoms are not tough to find. If you are experiencing chronic pain while standing on your leg or straightening it – this can be perfectly regarded as one of the potential reasons for hip pain.

4. Acute gynecological problems

Hip pain causes in women

Though arthritis, tendinitis, and hernia are some of the common causes of hip pain, there are some other causes as well. Gynecological issue like endometriosis is one such cause. Other than leading to the pelvic tenderness, this particular condition can also lead to severe pain in the buttock and hip area.

Not to forget the pinched nerve issue Sciatica that inflicts fatal blows to your lower body strength. Sciatica causes pain right from the lower back, which then continues till your hips and buttocks.

5. Hernia

Hip pain

Inguinal and femoral hernia in or around the groin area, play a significant role in causing frontal hip pain. In most of the cases, pregnant women suffer from inguinal hernia, as their abdominal walls get highly pressurized during pregnancy. By causing acute pains around the hip area, a hernia can cause severe hip problems.

The Bottom line

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, overweight or obesity is the most common cause of severe hip pain. Therefore, keeping your weight under check will prove highly beneficial. Hip pain not only creates discomfort, but also restricts your life to a great extent. Therefore, it is highly important to identify its source, and then approach a specialist. Seeking the help of a medical practitioner would be the most judicious decision of your life to diagnose, prevent and treat your hip pain.

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