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“Allowed to Work Beyond Boundaries”

A job is like getting married. People see their jobs every day like a husband or a wife and serve their jobs and work hard just like they do when they want a husband or wife to feel special.


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Foremost, if I love my job I can do my job well.

In my 18 years of career I have worked for some reputed hospitals of India. I must admit that I am enjoying my job the most at Continental hospitals.

I adore our leaders – our Chairman Dr Guru N Reddy, his wife Mrs. Vasu Reddy, our President  Mr. Raghu Reddy – who always have a positive influence on us, which creates an environment for us to succeed. At Continental Hospitals you are allowed to work beyond boundaries. This entrusts confidence and empowers you to perform your role well. It does make a huge difference to your working potential. Continental gives you the opportunity to think and perform out of the box. Here, you get connected with the organization as a family and not merely as an employee. Working at Continental Hospitals allows you to develop a passion in you and makes you believe that you too are one of the stake holders of the organization – not just by mere words but also when it comes to rewards.


With a Chairman who likes people working smarter than him or at least like him. At Continental hospitals you get a scope to build a team that strives to do great things for you. It allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment on every single day, sometimes even a dozen times per hour.


My Teams brings out the best in me


I love my team and the spirit of team work and the common desire that we have to reach a common goal. I love the fact that all my team members give their best within the team ranging from housekeeping personnel to managerial staff.  Operations is a task of delivering outcomes by being making oneself confined to a hot seat receiving heat and a few pats. When I have a challenging task assigned to me, I accept the task to Coach and Mentor the TEAM and to give their time and energy which eventually results by being appreciated by the management and others as well.

I love the moment when we become more than just a team. The moment we become a CHL family!

I love my fellow colleagues with whom I share active and productive time. Each one being chosen carefully and nurtured by the Chairman of the company.

Believe it or not! I could go on, but to sum it up I take the pride of being a part of Continental Hospitals. I don’t need an excuse saying that this job is going to help me get where I want to go; I want to just go for it and try my best, and then I just keep trying until I feel that I have reached my goal. If it’s something you love doing, then it shouldn’t be called a job. Whatever you feel best describes what you’re doing, then  that’s what it is, and just enjoy it. If you love it, join Continental.


Did I mention that I love Mondays? I don’t know too many people that can say that and mean it as much as I do (and believe me, I love my weekends too)

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About The Author

Anuradha Kapoor is the AGM of Operations at Continental Hospitals.


  1. Ankit February 8, 2015 at 8:00 pm

    Brilliantly described employ – employer relationship. Wonderful to hear about Continental Hospitals treating their employs as family members. Who could love Mondays? Well, CHL has spun some magic then!

  2. Amith K February 8, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    Its good to see that Continental Hospitals is following and believing in women empowerment,great !!!!.It is also fantastic to see your Hospital working as a family close knit and united.yes this really brings a team spirit which will build more stronger teams in the days to come.Kudos Continental

  3. V Dileep Reddy February 10, 2015 at 8:54 am

    Congrats mam. U finally made it….:)

  4. RVB Swamy July 20, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Congratulations Ms. Anuradha Kapoor is the AGM of Operations at Continental Hospitals..!

    Great…! I think there are no words that can explain a dedicated, professional E2E Relationship….


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