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How to Avoid Gaining Excess Weight during Pregnancy

How to Avoid Gaining Excess Weight during Pregnancy

Every woman feels on cloud nine once she becomes pregnant. Gaining weight during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon; however, excess weight gain is not advisable owing to some pregnancy related issues like gestational diabetes, premature births and preeclampsia. In addition, overweight pregnant women have an increased risk for C-section delivery. Therefore, to ensure healthy weight gain during pregnancy, it is pertinent to keep an eye on eating habits, activity levels and weight gain.

First of all, you should understand whether you are overweight, under weight or have an ideal weight.

  • Gaining around 25 pounds to 30 pounds is normal during pregnancy.
  • Under weight, moms should again up to 40 pounds weight
  • Overweight moms should gain 20 pounds

Healthy women with normal weight can easily gain weight during pregnancy and can even shed excess weight without being subjected to any sort of problem.

Measure BMI

Once you finally decide to conceive, you should ask your gynaecologist to measure the BMI and give apt suggestions about how to gain perfect weight according to your body type. Once you get the advice be to stick to that during the course of your pregnancy.

Prefer Moderate Diet on Frequent Basis

Do not take three big meals in a day rather prefer small portions of food frequently after every three hours. Don’t ever prolong the time gap between meals; instead, go for healthy snacks in between meals. Add protein-rich food, fruits and green vegetables to your diet plan to ensure a balanced diet and stay active and happy during the time of pregnancy.

Drink Enough Water

In a day, drink lots of water as you may become prone to constipation and tummy upset on a frequent basis and sometimes your digestive process may become too sluggish. Therefore, drink enough water on a regular basis to prevent dehydration. Drinking enough water prevents constipation and bloating during pregnancy.

Weight during Pregnancy

Channelize Your Cravings

You should not curb your cravings for sumptuous food owing to your pregnancy. Rather than curtailing such craving try to balance both healthy and fatty foods in appropriate proportion. Take advice from the health care professional and know how to control weight gain during pregnancy with a proper diet that contains right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Prefer Your Carbohydrates Diligently

If you don’t have enough carbohydrate your diet won’t be complete. For a pregnant woman, the right amount of carbohydrate is a must. But, you should choose brown rice over white rice, brown bread over white bread to have good carbohydrates with plenty of fiber. This is the best way to maintain healthy weight gain as well.

Avoid Gaining Excess Weight during Pregnancy

Walk to Stay Healthy

Walking and moving around during pregnancy not only makes you healthy and agile but also reduces cramps and pains during labour. Apart from helping you gain healthy weight, walking makes your muscles and bones strong. A daily 10 minutes walking regime carried out for about a month will give better outcomes. Once you get into the grove, you can add 10 more minutes after every month and do so throughout the entire period of pregnancy. Keep walking according to a set timetable to remain healthy and fit during pregnancy.

These above mentioned 6 steps will help any pregnant woman to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. However, it is always better to take the advice of a healthcare professional before starting any weight control measures during pregnancy.

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