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What are the symptoms of Brain Tumour?

Brain tumor symptoms vary greatly and depend on the brain tumor’s size, location, and rate of growth. General signs and symptoms caused by brain tumors may include: headaches, blurred vision, unexplained nausea, speech difficulties, impairment of normal brain function, seizures and hearing problems

How is it diagnosed?

In a case of a suspected brain tumor, the doctor will take a physical exam and ask about your personal and family health history. Some of the tests to diagnose brain tumor include Neurologic exam, MRI, CT Scan, Angiogram, and Biopsy.

What are the treatment options available?

Treatment options include:


Surgery is usually the conventional treatment option for a brain tumor. Removing the tumor can improve neurological symptoms, provide tissue for diagnosis, help make other brain tumor treatments more effective, and, in many instances, improve the prognosis of a person with a brain tumor.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery/ Radiotherapy

Stereotactic Radiosurgery is a new nonsurgical option to treat benign brain and spine tumors and functional neurological disorders.

Conventional Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

Conventional Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are used to treat malignant brain tumors.

What are the advantages of Stereotactic Radiosurgery?

Stereotactic radiosurgery is a specialized form of therapy which allows precisely focused, high-dose X-Ray beams to be delivered to a small, localized area of the body in 1 to 5 fractions. It is predominantly used to treat benign tumors such as Meningioma, Acoustic Neuroma, Pituitary Adenoma, Craniopharyngioma and also Brain Metastases.

The advantages of this procedure are:

  • Out-Patient Treatment
  • Incision-less and bloodless treatment
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Treats surgically inaccessible areas
  • No risk of hemorrhage or infection
  • Better Outcomes

What is the role of Stereotatic Radio Surgery in functional Neurosurgery?

Stereotatic Radio Surgery has a defined role nowadays in the treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia where targeting and focusing of the high dose radiation to the ganglion can give excellent results. It is particularly helpful in recurrent and failed cases with prior surgery and radiofrequency ablation.

What is Truebeam STx technology

Truebeam STx is the latest and most advanced machine used for frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery which has HD MMLC, shaped beam Conformal Arc Technology with Triple F Beams and onboard imaging.


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