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Among all the people who should be there in your speed dial list, your gynecologist is one of them. There are several reasons for which you need to visit a gynecologist and the list can be endless. Being a woman means you have your own set of health related issues; and, as you grow older, the reasons for visiting a gynecologist increases manifold.


The following are the scenarios that help you decide when to see a gynecologist:

  • It’s been quite some time: one of the major reasons to visit a gynecologist is that it has been quite some time since you paid a last visit to your gynaecologist. Your body is so delicate and the internal system is so complicated that a minor change in your lifestyle can affect your body.
  • Burning Sensation during Urination: if you experience a burning sensation during urination, then you might be suffering from a urinary tract infection, otherwise known as UTI. This condition can be easily treated. But, if left untreated, it can cause serious health issues.
  • Persistent Yeast Infections: Yeast infections are quite common and many women experience them. However, they are short lived and go away on their own. If they persist, you will experience an itchy feeling. In such cases you should visit a doctor to overrule the infection as it can be some other infection as well. It is always better to detect the cause in the initial stages than in the long run.
  • Pain during Sexual Intercourse: Sexual intercourse should never hurt. In case if it does, than there are chances that something is wrong. Don’t allow this to happen. Consult your doctor immediately.
  • When your periods go missing in Action (MIA): Periods can sometimes become troublesome and at times you miss them altogether. If you have missed your periods and are experiencing pelvic pain, then you need to consult your doctor. Divulge the symptoms to your doctor and undergo the tests recommended.
  • If you discover a lump: discovering a lump can be quite scary as many of us immediately conjure up images of breast cancer. But, the presence of lump may be due to several factors. Instead of speculating the reason, go and visit a doctor.
  • Clotting is also a very common factor affecting a woman during periods and the pain experienced can be immense. If you face this situation, it is vital that you consult a gynecologist as early as possible.
  • Complications during pregnancy: pregnancy by nature is a very delicate issue and in case there are complications in the pregnancy, then you must visit a gynecologist immediately. Complications during pregnancy can become very serious health issues by affecting the health of both the mother and child in the long run.


Many women fear visiting a gynecologist, assuming that they might come to know about any hidden health issue. But this is not a wise decision. Taking care of your health should be your primary concern. In fact one should visit a gynecologist at least twice a year in order to undergo all the regular tests.

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